Monday, April 21, 2008

Answers to Common Questions

1. Prize money can be used for a down payment, renovation, mortgage payments, or any other use you may have. There is no requirement for how to use it.

2. It's fine to do a 30-second video, 1 minute video, or any time shorter than 3 minutes.

3. Here's instructions for getting the video submitted to the You Tube group - First, Register for a You Tube account if not an existing member already (it's free!)
  • Join the YouTube YPOM group --
  • Go to your You Tube account
  • In the upper right hand corner click the yellow “Upload” button to bring your video onto the site (this will likely take a few minutes)
  • Once the video is uploaded, in the YouTube YPOM group page click “Add Videos”
  • At the “Add Videos” page you will then see your uploaded video, check off the box next to the video itself and click “Add to Group”
  • You’ve just uploaded your video the YPOM group. It's then reviewed to ensure it meets the contest requirements, then approved. Good luck!

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