Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Winning Videos

Here's a link to see the list of winning videos: Click here.
Grand Prize is Brett Slater (first video); Second Prize is Lorraine Aromando (second video); Third Prizes are in random order (but names as their videos appear on the playlist) - Aaron Megquier, Jon Wadick, Oakley Dyer, Tim Gagnon, Tim Hart, Kristy Ferran, Mike LeVecchia, Holly Austin; and REALTOR winner - Callie Pecunies (last video).

Or use this viewer: (note: We can't figure out why the Grain Surfboards video isn't working on the viewer playlist below)


Anonymous said...

Am I missing something? Who got first and second place?

MAR said...

You're right, it was too confusing to figure out (the way it was posted earlier in the day) - so just added more information about the winners and direct links to each video. Thanks for the feedback.